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The /v/irgin League

(a.k.a. /v/ plays Blood Bowl 2)


Welcome to the /v/ Blood Bowl 2 league! We're a small community, but have been playing Blood Bowl for about 3 years together now. We're currently on our 11th season, but rookies are always welcome! We play one game per week, for about two months depending on how many people join. There's also people willing to help newbies, general banter, and maybe even fun?
If getting mad at dice with /v/irgins sounds like an interesting experience to you, click here to join us.

>inb4 discord

Yeah, we needed a way to arrange games and keep everyone up to date with results and matchups, and at the time we started the league it didn't sound like a bad idea. The server is mostly dramafag free and web account friendly, so you don't even need to download any botnet to join and shitpost. Keep shitposting to a minimum pls.